For Sale: Ottavianelli Wood Line Super Jazz Piano Accordion

I’m selling a full-size modern professional piano accordion made in Italy probably during the 2010 to 2015 time frame. It has a Harmonik AC5001-PLUS internal microphone pickup system professionally installed by Petosa Accordions. It has blonde bare wood styling in a natural fir finish and plays beautifully. At roughly 27 pounds (around 12 kg) with straps, ready to play, it has typical weight for a full-size piano accordion with tone chamber (cassotto).

See recent demo video (including internal microphone demo):

Recent demo video including internal microphone demo

See older demo video at

See even older demo video at

See photos with lots of detail at

It’s located in San Francisco, California, USA.


  • 41 keys
  • 19.375-inch (48.5cm) keyboard (low F to high A)
  • LMMH, +5-cent musette tuning with LM in cassotto
  • 13 registrations including master


  • 120 Stradella
  • 5 sets of reeds
  • Low G
  • 7 registrations

A440 Hz pitch reference.

Made in Castelfidardo, Ancona Province, Italy. Uncertain year of manufacture; estimating 2010 to 2015.

Hand-made Voci Armoniche reeds.

Comes with a hard case.

Includes straps with buckle covers and a bellows pad that attaches with snaps to the back of the instrument.

Functional Condition

Excellent, completely ready to play. Great compression, tight bellows, all reeds play correctly, all registrations work, no spurious tones, all keys and buttons are level and operate smoothly with no sticking. Ventilli (reed valves) and boosters look perfect.

Straps are original and are in very good condition, including fabric buckle covers.

Cosmetic Condition

Very good to excellent. Some minor blemishes (see photos), much too subtle to be noticed except on very close examination.

Reason for Selling

I like this instrument very much and if I had enough space I would keep it. I’m selling because I’ve got too many accordions now and I need to thin the herd.

Story Time

I bought this instrument from Petosa Accordions as a Certified Pre-Owned instrument in April, 2020 and had Petosa install the Harmonik internal microphone system in July, 2021.