Month: April 2015

Big Shoes album release concert success!

I’m happy to report the Big Shoes album release concert and celebration at Coast Recorders in San Francisco was a sold-out success. Cody, Mason, and I had a blast being able to hear each other on stage better than ever thanks to the room’s perfect acoustics and the attentive crowd.

You asked: So how’s Big Shoes going?

Friends and fans have been asking how the record release is going for me now that Big Shoes has been out in the wild for a few weeks. The executive summary: It’s going well and the process continues to be a lot of fun. It’s selling on CD Baby [ Ed. note: not any more, since…

An oldie, linked here for reference (singing at jam sessions)

Here’s a blog post I wrote a few years back giving advice to singers who want to perform at jam sessions. Interest in the post reawoke recently when someone on Facebook raised the topic of discord between singers and instrumentalists, and we all agreed that much of the discord would dissolve with a few simple…