Friends and fans have been asking how the record release is going for me now that Big Shoes has been out in the wild for a few weeks.

The executive summary: It’s going well and the process continues to be a lot of fun. It’s selling on CD Baby [ Ed. note: not any more, since CD Baby shuttered the CD sales side of their business ], Amazon and BandCamp; one cool thing about BandCamp is that I ship those orders myself, so if you want an autographed copy you can request it using the “include a message to Robert Kennedy” link when you make your purchase. Another cool thing about BandCamp is you can purchase lossless (FLAC) downloads there if that’s your preference. Anyway, people are buying the music! Very exciting, but keep up the purchases, folks, because I’m not getting rich from it, at least not yet!

Also, I’m thrilled the album is getting radio airplay and I’m in the last stages of planning my San Francisco release concert, which I’m really excited about! Tickets to the show are selling well but there is still some space available; purchase your tickets here!

I have an on-air interview lined up at KKUP Radio with Afrikahn Dayvs for Thursday, April 16th around 2 PM and I’m looking forward to that conversation and more.